Jill Carnduff


Before her coaching career Jill spent 15+ years as an IT consultant. Working on the supplier side of IT implementation, her client experience spans industries from Utilities, to Banking and Finance, Software Development, to Publishing and Central Government. Among the clients she has worked with Yorkshire Electricity, Bank Of Ireland, IBM, Department of Health are to name but a few.

Jill's interest as a consultant quickly moved away from the technology towards the people noticing that 80% of the issues arising had their basis in human interaction. She honed her people and communication skills through complex project delivery, facilitating cooperation where sometimes diametrically opposed views existed. Developing her skills further through her initial Coach training with the Academy of Executive Coaching in 2006 she is an eternal student of self-improvement attending various courses from NLP to Energy Therapy.

She has a passion for seeing people transform themselves, feel liberated with lasting change, release negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Her goal in 1-to-1 coaching is to help her clients get focussed on the core issues preventing progress, giving them tools to use everyday getting right to the heart of their transformation as quickly as possible, bringing abundance into their lives.

She continually strives to find the most powerful, most effective, transformation and life enhancing tools & techniques.

Third time working for herself in 20 yrs she is now coaching full time, where she gets to focus & work on her favourite passion - self-development & people transformation