Embrace the "Circle of Discovery Integration and Success" - A Strategy for Life

The "CoDIS" approach is very experiential and designed to be reinforced through real-life trial and development. This reinforcement achieved through follow-up and individual coaching over a prescribed period of time. The kind of outcomes we focus on for our participants are:

  • Increased confidence in who they are and who they work for
  • Self-awareness that creates productive and enjoyable relationships
  • Experience how the power of belief change achieves more success in business and personal life
  • Greater understanding of how they can be aligned with company goals and objectives and enjoy what they do
  • Discover true motivations for the individual and their organisation
  • A personal strategy for goal setting and achievement

Our courses are self-development based with a focus on creating a motivated individual, who is aligned with the organisation they work within. The discovery process enables the individual to uncover behaviours and communication styles that work to enhance all relationships.